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Tonnes of commitment
The Community of Madrid decides to set up a second morgue at the premises of the future headquarters of the Forensic Anatomical Institute, the only building that was built from the City of Justice project of 2007 (March).

Wednesday 25 March
The first visit to the facilities takes place at 13:00, Elecnor sends in their experts along with Miguel. Esther Burgos, Javier Arbizu, Güido Efrain, David Ávila and Carlos Buitrago are involved.
15:45: the visit ends, the building has facilities at 90% but it has been out of action for 12 years.
16:40: A 1,000 kVA generator set is installed.
20:30: The whole building has electricity and light.

Thursday 26 March 
Elecnor sends in a group of more than 30 professionals. All air conditioning installations are checked, fixed, calibrated and finally all are put into operation.

Friday 27 March
All cold stores are put into operation, lighting is installed throughout the building, lifts are activated, and accesses, bathrooms and toilets are adapted.

Saturday 28 March
The generator is stopped and the connection to the switching centre and finally to the transformation centre is made to supply the entire building with a network.

On Saturday the building was ready to operate at 100%. In just 3 days, our colleagues completed a difficult challenge. Many hours of work, shopping, transportation, paperwork, setbacks, difficulties, but above all tonnes of commitment from all the Elecnor team. 

The father of modern marketing, Philip Kotler, said that the best advertising is done by satisfied customers. The architect of the Community of Madrid who oversaw all the works called our colleague Miguel and told him: "I have not seen any company work in this way in my 12 years in the Community."