Mission, strategy and values

Elecnor’s mission is to help ensure the economic and technological progress, social welfare and sustainable development of the markets in which it operates.

Its diversification and constant growth, along with its staff’s immense value, allow it to provide comprehensive, professional service based on total quality.


Elecnor’s strategy aspires to consolidate the company as a highly competitive market leader, engaged in a continuous process of international growth and expansion.

Elecnor distinguishes itself through quality, innovation and respect for the environment in all business areas, providing its shareholders sustained returns, offering its customers commitment and security, expanding opportunities for the professional and personal development of its employees and making a positive contribution to society.



Elecnor’s relationship with all parties is based on compliance with accorded commitments and meeting established goals. Its history, corporate governance and daily work are a seal of commitment and security for customers, shareholders, employees and suppliers.

Commitment and effort

Implication and commitment to business objectives, professional loyalty and dedication to hard work are the trademarks of everyone who works for Elecnor.

Customer focus

Elecnor strives for complete customer satisfaction by anticipating their needs and exceeding their expectations.


Elecnor has a tried and tested capacity to employ the most efficient and advanced technology in all business activities. A highly-qualified team of professionals and the continuous integration of cutting-edge techniques help the company provide extremely competitive solutions in terms of quality, cost, time, efficiency and sustainability.


Elecnor views innovation as a driving force for progress and a guarantee for the future. The company’s enterprising spirit translates into a yearning for betterment that has always underpinned its diversification strategy in the industries in which it operates. What’s more, investment in R&D&i represents one of the organisation’s strategic approaches.