Elecnor is awarded a new contract to deploy full fibre in the United Kingdom for 55 million euros

Elecnor is awarded a new contract to deploy full fibre in the United Kingdom for 55 million euros

IQA, la filial británica de Elecnor, construirá la red en el noreste del país

Madrid, 11 november 2020

Elecnor has won a new contract for deploying fibre optic in the United Kingdom worth 55 million euros. This is the second agreement of this kind reached by Elecnor in this country in less than one year.

IQA, Elecnor’s subsidiary in the UK since 2012, has signed a contract with CityFibre, the country’s principal alternative broadband operator, for building a fibre optic network in North Tyneside, in the northeast of England. This deployment will boost productivity and innovation in businesses, improving the economic dynamism of the entire community, thanks to an infrastructure capable of delivering a 1,000 megabyte-per-second service reaching 109,000 households.

Antonio Henarejos, IQA’s Managing Director, notes: “We are very enthusiastic about working on this project for CityFibre in North Tyneside following our previous experience in Newcastle. This is a magnificent opportunity to be a part of a project which will transform the digital experience of the community by providing it a more stable and efficient broadband”.

With this new project, the Elecnor group’s subsidiary underpins its presence in the UK’s fibre optic development plan and is demonstrating that it is in the vanguard for meeting the current demands for services, in addition to becoming one of CityFibre’s reference partners. Elecnor’s previous experience in building the infrastructures necessary for deployment in countries such as Spain or Italy is an invaluable asset in the area of telecommunications with high potential for growth in the British market. Already at the end of 2019, IQA was awarded an earlier contract by CityFibre for a similar deployment in Newcastle worth 66 million euros. 

The work undertaken by CityFibre is set in the framework of a macro-project being developed by the United Kingdom to expand fibre optic to the entire country, since, at the present time, this network barely reaches 10 % of households, compared to 80 % in Spain. In this context, CityFibre has become the UK’s principal alternative broadband operator. The company has announced an investment of 1.5 trillion pounds for building fibre deployment installations in 27 cities.