Elecnor: Two new transmission projects in Chile with a USD 466 million investment

Elecnor: Two new transmission projects in Chile with a USD 466 million investment

Elecnor has been awarded the projects through its subsidiary Celeo Concesiones e Inversiones, in partnership with Dutch group APG

Madrid, 12 november 2018
Elecnor has been awarded, through its subsidiaries “Celeo Redes Chile España” and “Celeo Redes”, the contract for the construction, operation and maintenance of two new projects related to the Chile’s Zonal Transmission System, totalling USD 466 million. The client for the project is the National Energy Commission (CNE).

The first project will be located to the west of Santiago de Chile, between Melipilla and Valparaíso, and will involve the construction of two new substations, Casablanca with 220/66 kV and La Pólvora with 220/110 kV, as well as a 220-kV double-circuit electric transmission line of 110 km in length. This project will improve the Regional Power Transmission System in the area and facilitate the connection between the capital and the Valparaíso region.

The second award, located to the south Santiago between the Maule and Concepción Regions, includes the construction of a 360 km transmission line and the execution of five substations.

The Elecnor subsidiary Celeo Redes Chile currently operates and maintains 710 km of transmission lines (line Ancoa-Alto Jahuel: 510 Km; line Charrúa-Ancoa: 200 Km. With these two projects, Celeo Redes Chile will own a total of six projects in the Andean country.

These two new projects of Elecnor's subsidiary in Chile strengthen its position in the country and Elecnor's presence in the Latin American concessionary market. Elecnor has 19 concessionary transmission companies in South America: 13 in Brazil and 6 in Chile, including the latest award.