Elecnor brings its first wind farm in Canada on stream after EUR 260 million investment
27 de novembro de 2013

The 100 MW L’Érable wind farm Renewable energy for approximately 30,000 homes Madrid, 27 November 2013.- Elecnor, through its Enerfín wind energy unit, has brought the L’Érable wind farm in Quebec (Canada) on stream after completing 100% of the infrastructure. For an investment of EUR 260 million, this is Elecnor’s first wind farm in Canada. More than 1,200 professionals worked on the various stages of construction. Located between Montreal and Quebec, the wind farm has 100 MW of capacity through 50 wind turbine generators of 2 MW each. State-of-the-art Enercon technology increases the efficiency and useful life of the facilities, while reducing the environmental impact. The farm will power some 30,000 households and prevent the emission of 75,000 tonnes of CO2 a year. The L‘Érable project was awarded by Hydro PPA Québec, a public energy generation and transmission company, with which it has signed a 20-year PPA. Enerfín is in charge of overall operation of the farm and maintenance of the wind turbine generators, while Hydro Québec will oversee distribution of the power produced.