Payments to suppliers

Payments to Suppliers

The entry into force of Spanish Act 31 of 3 December 2014, modifying Act 15 of 5 July 2010, in turn modifying Act 3 of 29 December 2004, which introduced measures to combat late payments on commercial transactions, requires companies to publish their average term of payment to suppliers in their annual report and also on their website.

The average supplier payment period of the parent company of the Group, Elecnor, S.A., calculated according to the Third Additional Provision of Act 15/2010 of 5 July, is 60 days. The average supplier payment period of the Group, calculated in the same way, is 59 days.

In 2018, the specific clause on the Code of Ethics and Anti-Corruption in the General Purchasing Conditions was updated, in which suppliers undertake to act in their relations with the Group in accordance with the highest ethical standards contained in the Elecnor Group's Code of Ethics.