Power generation

In wind energy, Elecnor has not only built numerous turnkey wind farms throughout Spain for various developers but also acts as a developer and operator through its subsidiary Enerfín.

Enerfín has a proven track record in developing all stages of a wind farm project, from development and construction to operation. It is one of the sector's benchmark companies both in Spain and the Americas, with total nameplate capacity of 1,000 MW.

The group's philosophy is underpinned by technological independence and excellence and it strives at all times to work in harmony with the environmen

Solar Power

Elecnor is firmly established as a benchmark investor and is diversifying its renewables portfolio with solar photovoltaic and solar thermal projects. The company has developed three solar thermal plants, each with installed capacity of 50MW and in which it is a majority partner, namely the Astexol-2 plant, located in Badajoz, and the Aste 1A and Aste 1B facilities in Alcázar de San Juan (Ciudad Real).

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Solar thermal plant
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