Agua Prieta II combined cycle plant. Mexico
Agua Prieta II combined cycle plant. Mexico

Elecnor is responsible for the design and engineering of the Agua Prieta II plant as well as supplying the equipment, its construction and subsequent installation and commissioning. The plant will have guaranteed capacity of 394.1 MW.

Located in the municipality of Agua Prieta in Sonora, Mexico, the plant will generate power using two gas turbines with their respective generators.

This facility also boasts a solar field with net capacity of 14 MW, with 100% of its steam generation feeding into the cycle. The connection between the solar field and the plant is included in the project, which is Mexico's first hybrid solar-combined cycle power system. 

Another of the stand-out features of this plant is its air-cooled condenser, which enables a closed cooling circuit to be used. This considerably reduces water consumption, an important consideration in light of the plant's location at the heart of the Sonoran Desert.

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