Innovation is an essential element in the corporate culture of Elecnor, viewed as a driving force for progress and a guarantee for the future.

Elecnor promotes the generation of innovative ideas in the company and supports them, turning them into R&D&i projects. These constitute strategic actions for enhancing the competiveness and sustainability of the company, with the constant goal of generating new opportunities and projects.

Elecnor focuses its R&D&i activities on aspects that provide added value and allow it stand out from its competitors. Its technology areas of interest are related to Energy, Environment, Sustainability, Infrastructures and ICT, among others.

R&D&i vision

Elecnor, through innovation, seeks to ensure the sustainability, competitiveness and differentiation of the company by contributing added value to the services that it provides to customers.

  • To position Elecnor as a provider of high added-value services through the execution of innovation projects that increase the efficiency of the processes and services provided.
  • To maintain and develop an R&D+i management system that enables the systematisation and ongoing improvement of the entire innovation process.
  • To systematically foster the generation of innovative ideas and support them until they have been transformed into innovation projects.
  • To align R&D+i with the needs of the Group's customers and organisations.
  • To establish technological monitoring and competitive intelligence mechanisms that permit the early identification of opportunities.
  • To disseminate internally the results of projects so that the company's personnel can make use of the knowledge generated.
  • To protect the results of R&D+i activities through the application of the most appropriate mechanism in each instance.
  • To foster collaborations with external companies or bodies through agreements or partnerships that enable Elecnor to enhance its innovation potential.