Foro Accionistas

Electronic Shareholders' Forum

Welcome to the Electronic Shareholders' Forum. 

The purpose of this Forum is to facilitate communication between the company's shareholders prior to the holding of its General Meetings of Shareholders. 

The Electronic Shareholders' Forum is available from the day the notice of the corresponding General Meeting of Shareholders is published until the day it is held. 

In accordance with the the Forum Rules of Procedure, registered users may submit communications for publication in the Forum concerning: 

  • Proposals that are intended to be presented as an addition to the agenda published in the announcement of the Ordinary General Meetings
  • Requests to join said proposals
  • Initiatives to achieve a sufficient percentage to exercise the minority right provided for in Law
  • Offers or requests for voluntary representation

Participation in the Forum requires fill in the Registration form.

You are reminded that the Electronic Shareholders' Forum does not constitute a mechanism for on-line electronic communication between the Elecnor, S.A´s shareholders and any voluntary associations they may establish, nor is it an arena for virtual debate or a conduit for communication between Elecnor, S.A. and its shareholders or any voluntary associations they may establish.