Selection criteria


Selection criteria

The selection criteria are based on the candidates’ values, skills and merits. The employee selection and retention strategy is consistent with the company’s strategic vision and business objectives.

The company has one single set of principles. Candidates are ensured equal treatment throughout the entire process, as well as complete confidentiality in terms of their involvement and any personal information they may provide, pursuant to the terms of the Personal Data Protection Act.

Possible candidates

We identify candidates through different recruiting sources (elecnor web, infojobs, databases, schools...)

Assessment of suitability

The Recruiting Department, together with the technical managers, assesses the technical knowledge and.


Based on various hiring techniques, the Recruiting Department interviews the candidates who have passed.


We hire the people most suited to each process, thereby guaranteeing the best possibility of personal.


We develop a reception and integration plan to facilitate quick adaptation by everyone who joins the corporation.