Thanks to the commitment, effort and innovation of its more than 20,000 employees, Elecnor has become an industry benchmark.

The Human Resources Management model is based on a business approach sustained atop two main pillars:

  • Corporate values, tantamount to the company’s sustained growth and development.
  • The Strategic Plan, aimed at achieving objectives which will underpin the company’s sustained growth, generating greater value for employees, shareholders, customers and suppliers.

The people’s sense of belonging, talent, initiative and energy underline Elecnor’s strength in complex projects which require a multidisciplinary approach and the integration of multiple areas of knowledge.

When new people join our company, we are committed to providing them any company resource they need to grow and develop professionally.

Elecnor is looking to continue its growth in a sustainable and profitable manner, affording our customers comprehensive, innovative and competitive solutions with high added value.

We aim to be an excellent company firmly committed to:

  • Continually improving our processes and managing them efficiently.
  • Encouraging participation, involvement and teamwork in a pleasant and secure environment.
  • Remaining transparent and upstanding in all of our actions.
  • Being respectful with our surroundings and the environment.

All of this will ensure we develop personally and professionally and satisfy customers, shareholders and society as a whole.